Hiring Advice

Getting to Canada requires a strategy. Develop your own and then TAKE ACTION.

Being Unique Will Get You Hired

Interviewing with a Canadian employer is a skill and we’re here to share everything we know to help you. When it comes to interviewing, the key is letting the real you shine through.  Being like everyone else is boring and having a rehearsed answer will make you seem insincere.  Have the courage to be yourself.

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Do Not Include On Your Resume

One of the main reasons that caregivers fail in getting hired is the inability to connect well with the North American culture.  Oftentimes, a worker will have the experience and the background but presents it *all wrong* in their resume and cover letter.  You have to present yourself clearly, professionally and briefly.  Below is a

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“Getting Hired” – Know The Formula

If your goal is to land a job in Canada as a caregiver, the path is likely to be very different than what you may have imagined.  Unlike other countries, the Canadian employer is very focused on the personality – the overall “fit” within the home.  It all comes down to your previous experience and

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7 Tips To Getting Hired…FAST!

When you’ve made up your mind to be in Canada, getting hired should be your absolute priority.  Your strategy for securing an employer should include all of these things: Get Your ECA – NOW. A requirement for Canada’s Child Care Provider Pilot Program. Take Your IELTS Test – NOW. A requirement for Canada’s Home Support Worker

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Get A Personal Profile & Intro Video

On average, you — through your cover letter/resume— have just 5 seconds to impress a family. Introducing yourself with a short written profile and a cleverly-filmed video will add that “wow” factor to get you to the next level.  It’s a great idea to have someone do this for your professionally. You may also wish

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10 Interview Questions: Answer Them Well To Get To Canada.

What has made you most proud about your work supporting families? Why would you want to work for our family – what makes us special? If I asked your most recent employer about you, what would they say? What types of activities do you enjoy most outside of work? When children throw tantrums, how do

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