Do Not Include On Your Resume

One of the main reasons that caregivers fail in getting hired is the inability to connect well with the North American culture.  Oftentimes, a worker will have the experience and the background but presents it *all wrong* in their resume and cover letter.  You have to present yourself clearly, professionally and briefly.  Below is a list of No-No’s when it comes to your resume.  Leave them off for Canada.

  • Your Date of Birth.  Age discrimination is illegal in Canada and your date of birth is considered personal information.  Listing it is considered inappropriate.
  • Marital Status. Whether you are married or single is considered to be personal information.  It plays no role in the hiring process and should never be included.
  • Your Religion.  This is a definite no-no.  Religion is regarded as personal and private.  Never mention it in a professional setting.  It’s a big mistake to do so.
  • Your Height and Weight.  Having this information on a resume is shocking for an employer.  This is never to be discussed and very inappropriate to list.
  • Your Passport Number.  There is no need for an employer to have any personal information or identification at this point. Protect yourself.  This is not appropriate.
  • Your Picture.  That’s right.  It may be common in Europe, but in North America…no picture.  Don’t do it.  It’s not legal or appropriate.

Hiring Basics